Sunset in Siesta Key

This photo was taken 2010 with my Nikon D40 when I was 12 years old! I was on a family summer vacation in Florida but it was the first time I had my very own camera, so I had a lot of fun taking pictures. The original photo was a vertical image with a very dark dark foreground and a blown out sky. Since I’ve learned how to post-process my photos really well now in Lightroom, I was able to unlock the full potential of the original photo. After making all the standard adjustments in Lightroom, I applied some presets that added bright colors and gave me a chance to play with some light leaks. I usually don’t use light leaks very often but since this was more of a fun “family beach photo”, I decided to play around with light and cross-processing filters. My goal here was to give the image a playful vibe that would put a smile on people’s faces reminding them of their own fun memories from past family beach vacations.

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