Christmas Magic

This year I decided to not only wrap the Christmas Tree with lights, but also my staircase. We had a lot of Christmas lights left over so I thought it’d be fun to be a little creative. Once the lights were up, this great idea for a photo came to mind. I took this shot with my Sony A7r and a Voightlander 35mm f/1.2 lens. I positioned the snowman just right to… Read More

Tree of Wisdom

On my way out of theĀ garden, I saw this huge tree sitting up on the hill I was climbing. The sky was perfect because it was partly cloudy and light was penetrating through only some of the leaves and branches of the tree. I knew this would be a pretty cool shot when I got home. In my post-processing I warmed of some of the tones and temperature and gave a little… Read More

Tree of Life

While staying in Florida I visited several gardens. I took this in a really nice one that I had actually been to before. A few years back, I actually had taken a shot just like this of the same exact tree with my iPhone. I got down on the ground on my stomach and pulled back my phone pointing the lens up at the sky to get the most dynamic perspective. When… Read More