Paris Architecture

Even at age 11 I was astounded by beautiful architecture in Paris. I just loved walking the streets with my Nikon D40 looking for memorable captures. This building resembles the style of flatiron architecture except it was not nearly as tall. However it does have a very unique elegance to it that you can only find in Europe. In my post-processing I brought out that colors of the image a little more and… Read More

The Eiffel Tower’s Breathtaking View

This shot was captured with my old Nikon D40 from atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I was very excited when I took this shot and finally got to edit years later. Applying my knowledge of editing in Lightroom, I used cross-processing presets, adjusted much of temperature, colors and tones, and used the golden ratio while cropping.

The View of Paris

While making my way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I stopped on one of the lower levels of the Tower to grab this shot. I was only 11 years old with my old Nikon D40 on a family vacation in Europe. I recently came across this photo while going through some of my old Europe images and couldn’t resist bringing it into Lightroom. There I added an old vintage film… Read More

A Foggy Morning in Paris

In the Spring of 2009, my family went on a Europe vacation. I was eleven a the time and took my Nikon D40. This was the first time I had used a camera. While driving into Paris in a taxi cab early in one morning, I looked out the window and we on a bridge over a canal. What I saw was a beautiful sight with a man crossing a bridge and… Read More