The Countryside

North Carolina can be a great place to just drive around and relax admiring the countryside. I stopped the car to get this shot with my Sony A7r, focusing on the wire and blurring out the farm and grass in the distant.

Garden Statue

I found this hidden statue in a one of the most beautiful gardens in Charleston, SC. This was taken with my Sony A7r with a Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 M42 lens on it. This lens is known for its painterly, swirly, and bubbly bokeh. To add some interest I applied a monochromatic filter from Fusion Express 2, but instead of the usual black and white, I used a brown palette for my… Read More

The Colors of Flowers

These flowers were actually in a small flower bed in a park in Charlotte, NC. I got up really close to them with my Sony A7r focusing on the closest flower. Then in Lightroom I drastically changed the cropping, straightening and angle of the shot. I shot this at f/1.2 with my Voightlander 35mm lens to get some really nice and creamy bokeh. I boosted up the colors just a bit of… Read More

A Special Gift

This was a fun photo to take. I took it last year with Sony A7r and Voightlander 35mm lens at around f/1.2 – f/1.5. The bokeh of circles and swirls in the back are the burning fireplace. Then up front is one of the Christmas presents wrapped nicely in snowman wrapping paper and a clear red bow on top. Last year when I took this I couldn’t really figure out how exactly to… Read More

Christmas Magic

This year I decided to not only wrap the Christmas Tree with lights, but also my staircase. We had a lot of Christmas lights left over so I thought it’d be fun to be a little creative. Once the lights were up, this great idea for a photo came to mind. I took this shot with my Sony A7r and a Voightlander 35mm f/1.2 lens. I positioned the snowman just right to… Read More