Graffiti in Miami

My family had only been driving for about 2 minutes (after we left our hotel on Ocean Blvd in South Beach) to head home when my dad and I saw this really cool alley way completely filled with graffiti. We jumped out of the car while my mom continued driving. The graffiti was really impressive with all kinds of fish, mermaids and sharks. We probably spent 20 minutes covering the entire alley… Read More

Glowing in the Night

I was walking late at night with my dad looking for nice restaurant to eat when I saw this really cool street clock on the sidewalk. The clock itself had a golden look to it with its light illuminating the area. I knelt down and pointed my Leica X1 up towards the sky to give the clock a unique perspective. In my post processing, I gave the image a bit of an ominous “midnight”… Read More

The Collector

It was late at night in the island of Key West. I was walking along Duval Street when I passed by a lady who had something unique to herself. She had bike but not just any bike, a bike with at least fifty key chains of varied objects. As I walked by her on the sidewalk, I quickly raised my camera, focused and got the shot. She was actually cleaning her bike at the… Read More

Alley in Rome

This shot was taken with my old Nikon D40 when I was 11 years old visiting Rome, Italy. One morning as I was walking down the tiny staircase in my hotel (try not tripping on one of those old tiny european staircases), I looked out one of the windows and saw a true glimpse of what daily life was like in Rome on this Bustling Street. I believe that it was this moment when I… Read More