² Reflections of…

Walking down some of the historic roads off of Market St. in Charleston, SC, I saw a very distinguished reflection in a bread shop. I love shooting reflections whether they are in windows, puddles or even just glass. This one was special though because of the 3-demensional aspect to it. I have bread and baskets in the foreground then a historic building with lights in its windows. To top it all off, I shot… Read More

Delray Café

While staying in Fort Lauderdale last summer, my family decided to go somewhere that we haven’t really checked out before. We drove up to Delray Beach, a small but popular place to go to. It was actually pretty great with a couple parks with unique sculptures, a beautiful beach, and some very nice restaurants. While walking down the sidewalk, we were passing this café and noticed some very unique elements about it that I hadn’t seen… Read More