The Collector

It was late at night in the island of Key West. I was walking along Duval Street when I passed by a lady who had something unique to herself. She had bike but not just any bike, a bike with at least fifty key chains of varied objects. As I walked by her on the sidewalk, I quickly raised my camera, focused and got the shot. She was actually cleaning her bike at the… Read More

Dining in Key West

Discovered this really nice outdoor dining restaurant while strolling down Duval street in Key West. This really beautiful flower also caught my eye! I decided to frame my photo by having the flower as the subject and the elegant outdoor setting in the background. Thanks to my Leica X1, I was able to get some nice bokeh in the background and also of some of the lights. I composed it so the eye would see… Read More

The Multiverse

This is a picture of a movie theater in Key West that had a really cool art deco design. My idea here was to play with light and wave my Leica X1 around in the air to get an abstract look.   In Lightroom, I boosted up the contrast to the max to get a completely black background and which also gave the shapes more “layers” for a little bit of a 3D effect. I… Read More