Photo Editing Software

All of my photos are processed through Lightroom. It is the most essential and core editing software that every photographer must have.

I love giving many of my photos an analog film look to it and to do that I use DxO FilmPack. I’m also aware of Alien Skin’s Exposure editing program. Comparing both, I like the look of DxO FilmPack’s interface better and the look of the price 🙂 At almost half the price, its an offer hard to resist. Reading reviews all over the internet, photographers say the film grain of DxO FilmPack has an amazing authenticity to it that is nearly exactly like original film you would buy. Many film camera photographers that have migrated to digital cameras use DxO’s software because of how good and authentic the presets are in the software. For speed and efficiency while editing with DxO FilmPack, I highly suggest using the Lightroom plugin version of the software.

For my black and white post-processing, I have several different ways I go about. I usually use Lightroom for b&w post-processing and have a learned special tricks from Serge Ramelli’s tutorial bundle, The Art of Black and White with Lightroom. I also now used a brand new editing program called Tonality Pro, that has been absolutely amazing giving an HDR + B&W look to many of my photos. I am still experimenting with the program but so far I absolutely love it. As tip I recommend paying for the Lightroom plugin version of the software because it is much quicker to edit the photo through Lightroom. I wanted to avoid having to go through any hassle of exporting photos from Lightroom and importing them into the Tonality Pro and vice-verse. I also use DxO FilmPack for creating some black and white images with film grain to achieve that analog camera look.


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