Garden Statue

I found this hidden statue in a one of the most beautiful gardens in Charleston, SC. This was taken with my Sony A7r with a Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 M42 lens on it. This lens is known for its painterly, swirly, and bubbly bokeh. To add some interest I applied a monochromatic filter from Fusion Express 2, but instead of the usual black and white, I used a brown palette for my… Read More


I found this beautiful waterfall while roaming the Japanese pathways of an incredible garden in Florida with my Leica X1. In Lightroom I played with the lights and darks of the photo and then decided to apply a B&W filter to create a tranquil mood. I also aimed to give the water a mystical look as it raced down the falls and then slowly drifted off down the river…

Tree of Wisdom

On my way out of the garden, I saw this huge tree sitting up on the hill I was climbing. The sky was perfect because it was partly cloudy and light was penetrating through only some of the leaves and branches of the tree. I knew this would be a pretty cool shot when I got home. In my post-processing I warmed of some of the tones and temperature and gave a little… Read More

Meet the Dragon

This photo was taken in a garden and was really fun to experiment with. While in real life it was very large, bright and vibrant model of a dragon, I decided to go for a different look to the image. I lowered the saturation and mixed b&w and color tones to create a more dramatic mood to fit the unique dragon look in the photo.

Another Windy Day

I love to experiment with different things in photography. I saw this beautiful patch of flowers in a garden and instead of just taking a regular snapshot, I went in a different direction. I decided to spin my camera in a way created a lot of blur, but also allowed for distinguishable elements in the photo. You can see the leaves, grass and purple flowers but I let the camera play with the… Read More