Miami’s Lifeguard Station

Ever since I was little and first saw the lifeguard stations on Miami South Beach, I have always loved them. Almost every time my family visits Florida we stop by Miami. This was the first ever shot I took of one of the lifeguard stations there and I was only 12 years old. Nearly 5 years later I came back to the photo and edited it Lightroom and gave it a film… Read More

Robert is Here

While driving down to the Florida Keys I visited a large fruit and smoothie stand famously known as “Robert is Here”. I grabbed this shot of their amazing tasting mangoes, or as Robert would say, “The best mangoes you’ll ever have”. The place has all kinds of fruit, seasoning, and other products imported from all around the world as well as grown right in Florida. It is a truly amazing place right in Homestead, Florida… Read More

Wings of Nature

Down in Florida I visited a beautiful botanical garden with an amazing butterfly observatory. I couldn’t wait to go in, but little did I know that trying to catch some of these guys on camera is much harder than it looks. They just wouldn’t stop moving! This was my final shot of a butterfly I was barely able to get before leaving the observatory.

Siesta Key Sunset

This is another picture of the amazing sunset I saw in Siesta Key. Only 12 years old at the time, I focused on the wood of the boardwalk and blurred out the beach, sky and the sun to give the photo a very unique look (different from the other picture I took of this same sunset). Check out the other picture I took of this sunset by clicking here!

Rainy Days in Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is really beautiful for going on walks around city, especially near the neighborhoods and the beach. I managed to get this shot right of a canal in between two neighborhoods before it starting pouring down. However, when it began raining it gave the water a really neat look combined with reflections of the incredible houses and yachts there.