BreakWater Hotel on South Beach

On a Midsummer night I went on a walk up Ocean Blvd in Miami South Beach photographing all the incredible lit up hotels and restaurants while getting some really cool light trails. Then I saw one of my favorite hotels, BreakWater Hotel, for its striking appearance came into view. Except it was not the actual hotel I was focused on, but instead its a reflection of its tower lights on a car… Read More

¹ Reflections of…

While walking down Ocean Blvd. in Miami South Beach, I was admiring many of the incredible looking cars parked along the street. While photographing one of them, I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. I focused on one of the headlights of the car and only that. By doing this I captured a reflection of one of the really cool art deco buildings directly in the headlight. In my… Read More