I found this beautiful waterfall while roaming the Japanese pathways of an incredible garden in Florida with my Leica X1. In Lightroom I played with the lights and darks of the photo and then decided to apply a B&W filter to create a tranquil mood. I also aimed to give the water a mystical look as it raced down the falls and then slowly drifted off down the river…

Bamboo Forest

In a beautiful Japanese garden in Florida, I found this amazing bamboo forest. I wanted to get some very unique angles on the bamboo trees right after it had just stopped raining. I laid myself on the ground with my poncho on, set up my tripod, and lowered my camera as close to the ground as possible to get this angle of the trees. In Lightroom I wanted to give a cinematic look… Read More

Japanese Art and Design

Whenever I visit Charleston, I always love going through Market Street because you never know what you are going to see. Some of the vendors really have some amazing and unique items to display. This older lady was selling nice handmade Japanese products and took the time to explain the delicacy and craftsmanship of the design of her products. She was kind enough to let grab of a few shots of her beautiful Japanese umbrellas… Read More

Japanese Shishi Odoshi

While exploring a Japanese garden on my vacation in Florida, I came across what to me looked like a Japanese bamboo waterfall. After taking a few shots with my Leica X1, I was able to focus directly on the spot of the bamboo where the water poured into it. In my post processing I felt that the green foliage and pennies all over the ground was a distraction so I went the black and… Read More

Beautiful Japanese Garden

While walking through an amazing Japanese Garden in Florida, these beautiful bright flowers caught my eye. When I walked up to them, this perfect scene emerged before my eyes. I saw little purple flowers a little ways behind the bright pink flowers, a beautiful lake, and the Japanese museum on an island sitting on the lake just come together. Before even raising my Leica X1 to capture the moment, I had already composed the… Read More