The Collector

It was late at night in the island of Key West. I was walking along Duval Street when I passed by a lady who had something unique to herself. She had bike but not just any bike, a bike with at least fifty key chains of varied objects. As I walked by her on the sidewalk, I quickly raised my camera, focused and got the shot. She was actually cleaning her bike at the… Read More

Carnival Ride

While visiting the Charlotte area, I discovered there was a carnival going on that weekend and couldn’t resist taking my Leica X1 to photograph up there. This is one my favorite shots from the carnival. I have edited it over and over again trying to find the right look for it but haven’t been completely satisfied. I tried several different color, b&w, and sepia versions and thought they were ok but not really… Read More

The Grande Disco

While visiting the city of Charlotte, my goal was to walk around and find unique art and sculptures all over the city. This is an urban sculpture made out of bronze from 1974. While trying many different angles, I found that the best way to photograph it with a 35mm lens was straight on. I rarely do straight on shots but this is was a dynamic sculpture and the features of it… Read More