Sony A7r’s In-Camera B&W Function

A few weeks ago while staying in Raleigh, I decided to visit a Japanese Botanical Garden and took my Sony A7r along with a Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5. I spent about 20 minutes trying to get an extreme angle on this Japanese Sculpture and had to lay on the sidewalk to achieve this perspective. Overall I’m and pretty happy with this shot. I had recently discovered how powerful some of the filters were… Read More

A Foggy Morning in Paris

In the Spring of 2009, my family went on a Europe vacation. I was eleven a the time and took my Nikon D40. This was the first time I had used a camera. While driving into Paris in a taxi cab early in one morning, I looked out the window and we on a bridge over a canal. What I saw was a beautiful sight with a man crossing a bridge and… Read More

Tree of Life

While staying in Florida I visited several gardens. I took this in a really nice one that I had actually been to before. A few years back, I actually had taken a shot just like this of the same exact tree with my iPhone. I got down on the ground on my stomach and pulled back my phone pointing the lens up at the sky to get the most dynamic perspective. When… Read More

Miami Lifeguard Station

I’ve always admired those lifeguard stations on South Beach. Last summer, my family went to Florida and I got to take my Leica X1 there for the first time.  I have many photos from there that I looked forward to writing about. Here are two shots that I took late at night while still walking on the beach. The moon was out and almost full that night helping get that extra light… Read More