A Foggy Morning in Paris

In the Spring of 2009, my family went on a Europe vacation. I was eleven a the time and took my Nikon D40. This was the first time I had used a camera. While driving into Paris in a taxi cab early in one morning, I looked out the window and we on a bridge over a canal. What I saw was a beautiful sight with a man crossing a bridge and the architectural beauty of Paris behind him.

Last year in the fall I came across this photo while going through my old Europe pictures. I saw potential in the image and pulled it over into Lightroom to post-process it. I used a preset that gave the image some purple and orange hues and then brought it over to DXO FilmPack where I added some vintage grain and color to it. This is probably one of my most favorite photos from Europe because I love how it captures the early morning essence of Paris.

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