The View of Paris

While making my way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I stopped on one of the lower levels of the Tower to grab this shot. I was only 11 years old with my old Nikon D40 on a family vacation in Europe. I recently came across this photo while going through some of my old Europe images and couldn’t resist bringing it into Lightroom. There I added an old vintage film preset to it to give it a 60s/70s feel. I kept much of the red, orange and blue colors of the French architecture, but then allowed for a cooler horizon and skyline. I got my inspiration for this from the way vintage tv shows and movies would showed you high-up views of the city where the storyline would take place. The city scenes were many times taken in the morning so there was a cooler temperature in the clips when they showed you of city skylines, ariel views, etc.

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