Carnival Ride

While visiting the Charlotte area, I discovered there was a carnival going on that weekend and couldn’t resist taking my Leica X1 to photograph up there. This is one my favorite shots from the carnival. I have edited it over and over again trying to find the right look for it but haven’t been completely satisfied. I tried several different color, b&w, and sepia versions and thought they were ok but not really… Read More

The Grande Disco

While visiting the city of Charlotte, my goal was to walk around and find unique art and sculptures all over the city. This is an urban sculpture made out of bronze from 1974. While trying many different angles, I found that the best way to photograph it with a 35mm lens was straight on. I rarely do straight on shots but this is was a dynamic sculpture and the features of it… Read More

Lights of the Market

While staying in Raleigh, I was experimenting with the Sony A7r and exploring its capabilities. I went inside a lively fresh market with many bright colors and unique products and produce. It was a fairly large building that I actually went into after walking around outside where the State Farmers Market was taking place. The camera has a variety of different presets and filters that you can use in live mode with your camera. I decided to try… Read More

Carnival Squash

Late last year, I went up to a State Farmers Market. There we were so many stands and vendors that I just took my time and explored the place. Since I was still fairly new to my Sony A7r, I decided to experiment with some of the settings. There was a live pop color preset that when you look through the lens, all of the colors around you were full of life and saturation…. Read More

Carnival Lights

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