Christmas Village Shop

Only about a half hour from the city of Charlotte, NC is a little town called Davidson that hosts a special weekend event every year called Christmas in Davidson. The celebration is full of the town’s vendors, restaurants and shops. They also set out a bunch of tables with Christmas treats and goodies along with hot chocolate and cookies. This photo is of one of the little shops that is selling their classic… Read More

³ Reflections of…

This was a really fun shot to get. I am always on the look out for reflections and while walking around the city of Charlotte one day, I saw this really awesome reflection on a building. I had my new Sony A7r with me as well as a Voightlander 35mm f/1.2 lens. The reflection of the building across the street was really tall so I had to get down low to be… Read More

Lion in a Carousel

This was actually a pretty difficult shot to get. The carousel ride was in a small, round building with a ton of people walking around and photographing their children on the ride. I was trying to find a really unique looking animal ride to photograph when I saw a lion coming around towards me. I wanted to get a really unique angle on it so I turned my camera a bit and… Read More

Carriage Horse

I was really happy when I got to spend a day in the city of Charlotte. I took my new Sony A7r with me with a Charlotte-Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 lens. I grabbed this shot of a carriage horse and the photo reminded me of the horses in Central Park. Even the background colors and hotel architecture made me think of area around Central Park. I gave the photo a little bit of a… Read More

Meet the Dragon

This photo was taken in a garden and was really fun to experiment with. While in real life it was very large, bright and vibrant model of a dragon, I decided to go for a different look to the image. I lowered the saturation and mixed b&w and color tones to create a more dramatic mood to fit the unique dragon look in the photo.