Another Windy Day

I love to experiment with different things in photography. I saw this beautiful patch of flowers in a garden and instead of just taking a regular snapshot, I went in a different direction. I decided to spin my camera in a way created a lot of blur, but also allowed for distinguishable elements in the photo. You can see the leaves, grass and purple flowers but I let the camera play with the… Read More

The Collector

It was late at night in the island of Key West. I was walking along Duval Street when I passed by a lady who had something unique to herself. She had bike but not just any bike, a bike with at least fifty key chains of varied objects. As I walked by her on the sidewalk, I quickly raised my camera, focused and got the shot. She was actually cleaning her bike at the… Read More

Bamboo Forest

In a beautiful Japanese garden in Florida, I found this amazing bamboo forest. I wanted to get some very unique angles on the bamboo trees right after it had just stopped raining. I laid myself on the ground with my poncho on, set up my tripod, and lowered my camera as close to the ground as possible to get this angle of the trees. In Lightroom I wanted to give a cinematic look… Read More

Colors of Miami

While visiting Florida back in 2011, I brought my Nikon D40 to the beach for the first time. I grabbed this shot while walking towards the shore on beach. I framed what I thought to be some of the most colorful resorts and hotels by the beach there. What I loved most about the photo is how the buildings have this beautiful watercolor look to them. In Lightroom I kept that essence and… Read More

A Spider’s Web

This shot was taken with my Leica X1 in one of the gardens in Florida that I visited. I’m not a spider person so I was actually a little nervous taking this shot because the spider (and its web) were actually pretty big. To get this shot I knelt down and had the spider in front of the stormy sky in the background to give it an even more intimidating look.