Delray Beach Friend

My family and I were walking around Delray Beach when we encountered a kind older man sitting on a bench. We were all talking to him about life in Delray Beach when he introduced us to his friendly dog. While petting him I ask to take if I could take a few pictures of his dog who was pretty much posing for the camera right when he saw it around my neck…. Read More


I found this beautiful waterfall while roaming the Japanese pathways of an incredible garden in Florida with my Leica X1. In Lightroom I played with the lights and darks of the photo and then decided to apply a B&W filter to create a tranquil mood. I also aimed to give the water a mystical look as it raced down the falls and then slowly drifted off down the river…

Graffiti in Miami

My family had only been driving for about 2 minutes (after we left our hotel on Ocean Blvd in South Beach) to head home when my dad and I saw this really cool alley way completely filled with graffiti. We jumped out of the car while my mom continued driving. The graffiti was really impressive with all kinds of fish, mermaids and sharks. We probably spent 20 minutes covering the entire alley… Read More

Tree of Wisdom

On my way out of the garden, I saw this huge tree sitting up on the hill I was climbing. The sky was perfect because it was partly cloudy and light was penetrating through only some of the leaves and branches of the tree. I knew this would be a pretty cool shot when I got home. In my post-processing I warmed of some of the tones and temperature and gave a little… Read More

BreakWater Hotel on South Beach

On a Midsummer night I went on a walk up Ocean Blvd in Miami South Beach photographing all the incredible lit up hotels and restaurants while getting some really cool light trails. Then I saw one of my favorite hotels, BreakWater Hotel, for its striking appearance came into view. Except it was not the actual hotel I was focused on, but instead its a reflection of its tower lights on a car… Read More